Testimonial from TIO Consulting Limited

Testimonial from TIO Consulting Limited

Engage Human Resources works with great organisations across a number of different projects.

We were delighted to receive a great testimonial from one of our fabulous clients, Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell, Managing Director of TIO Consulting Ltd.

TIO Consulting Ltd. has a large team of qualified, accredited business experts and executive coaches delivering a portfolio of solutions, who drive and deliver positive change in leaders, teams and organisations.

Amanda says, “I have engaged with Fiona Dunny, Principal of Engage Human Resources, on a number of HR related projects over the last year. I have found her to be highly professional, responsive, knowledgeable and practical in how she works with SMEs.

“One very significant project that Fiona led, on behalf of TIO Consulting Ltd., was hiring a critical position for our business. Fiona took the time to understand the needs of our business and the role we were trying to fill; and indeed the existing culture and personalities within our business.  She led out on all aspects of the hiring process (from beginning to end), which was invaluable and saved significant time and effort on my part.

“Fiona found us a great candidate and created all of the necessary documentation for our new hire.  Fiona also undertook a full review of our existing processes and Employee Handbook; and the final result is a high quality, comprehensive and up-to-date handbook.

“I recommend Fiona Dunny and Engage HR services without hesitation.  She’s the outsourcing partner you need for all HR matters”.

– Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell, Managing Director at TIO Consulting Ltd.

Thank you Amanda – we love working with you and the team!